Fitting Guide | Brassiere Lingerie


The four rules of thumb for a well-fitting bra:

1. The back panel

The back panel is the most important part of the bra when it comes to a comfortable fit. The back panel should not ride up above the clasps at the front. If the circumference is too wide it will not be able to support the breasts as it should.

WRONG – The weight of the breasts pushes the cup downwards

RIGHT – Pushing the back downwards will generate upward pressure on the cup, lifting the breasts.

If the bra pinches the shoulder, lengthen the straps with the strap adjuster. If the strap falls off the shoulder, shorten the straps.

2. The cups

The breasts should fill the cups nicely, with the nipple in the deepest point of the cup and a gentle, fluent transition between the cup and the breast.

Cup too large – The fabric of the cup is crimpled, then try a smaller cup size.

Cup too small – The cup pinches at the top of the breast or the breasts are pushed flat, try a larger cup size.

3. The clasps and the front piece

The clasps and the front piece should be flat against the chest (not against the breasts).

Incorrect – If the cups or the clasps are too small, the front piece will not rest against the skin and the bra will hang loose. On the other hand the front piece should not pinch either.

4. The straps

Straps must not be so tight that they pinch the shoulder or so loose that they fall off the shoulder.

If this does not help, try a bra whose straps are attached more at the middle of the cup and/or back panel.

Still struggling? Then do not hesitate to call into the shop for a complimentary fitting or alternatively give us a call and speak to Emma about how your bra is fitting – 01422 201753.